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A Very Sincere Change of Affairs & Dealings in every phase of Societal Interactions When #nCoViD19 finishes

Don't Call It "criminal justice" it is

the Criminal Injustice System 

Finally, it is our belief, that the only remedy for these abhorrent conditions is to release the self-interest and pre-eminent self gain of all parties concerned. 
Specifically the powers, who are in control and are in fear for no reason must come to the realization, the humanity is all we have.
The justice we need is foundationally manifest in the power of God. 
Without the intervention of justice in its finality, all are doomed.  

Every creed, every color, every aspect of society as we know it must be included for a remedy to manifest.
Already, too many have died, too many have suffered.  Too many families are emotionally, mentally and physically disabled because of society’s traumatic dance with death, mayhem and community violence.

It is our opinion, that families will heal, some to lesser and others to a greater degree, once the “newly reconciled society” has restored itself to its God given station in life.
Hatred, gone.  "Togethered" bound.  Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness – entirely.  Justice, equity and mercy, for all.

Morehouse Parish's 4th Judicial District adjudicated Lee Alexander George of crime(s), assessing 10 (ten) years for an incident in which public employees fabricated some of the legalized testimony of the plaintiff in the court proceedings.

Not only that, while incarcerated in Morehouse Parish facilities, it became evident the powers-at-be, would fulfill a recompense against the convicted criminal.

Persons connected to the main-affiant, who testified the facts he swore to were the truth; specifically targeted George at the direction of the "system".  It is now evident, the system, the selfsame system is continuing it's opppresive attacks in the convicts incarceration in Catahoula Parish's infamous correctional facility, known as the "Hill" in that George was viciously attacked requiring staples in his head.


The most safest place a convicted person should be, is in custody. 

Position Paper and Policy Statement in reference to In-Custody-Deaths of individuals within the jurisdiction of Law Enforcement, the penal/correctional systems and the judiciary.  
Our position and policy is that in custody deaths must end.  And, that no person should die while in custody of any form of government arrest, detention, control or “holding for questioning”; period. 

In-Custody-Deaths, must end.  No person(s) should die in custody of any form of government arrest, detention, control or “holdings for questioning”; period.  
Herein it is declared that “in-custody-deaths” are a human rights issue.
The killings of Americans, in “incarceration-centers” or in police custody, is a violation of human decency. 
Investigative outcomes must responsibly produce clear facts, in the lives of the murdered and killed, especially those who are increasingly, “Dead in Custody”.
The reason(s) for all this societal mayhem involving guns and violence, is a “retaliative, reactionary mentality; invoked in to the land from “the wars of the middle-east, the lands of antiquity”. 

Concerning, in-custody injury, illness & Death it is come to our attention once again, of the never changing and unchanging of the Louisiana Administration of Justice is antiquated and in the most desperate need of adjustment in it's penal institutions.

Severe discrepancies exist.

An individual entering an institution is very likely to lose his life.

Citizens should cease using the term criminal justice system on every level.

What was done is done. What is being done has no undoing.  Attempting to continue with the same-old mechinations is futile.  Juxtaposed disingenous operations will not render any positive, lasting outcomes of persistent value. 

From the Governor to the Congressional Delegation, the Louisiana Secretary of State and the La. AG; the Senate President & the House Speaker shall not abridge the rights of the citizens.  

the meat of this essay was penned August 2020 - LeSieur

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