Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hi Louisiana::Injustice's Devolvement in to Chaos

When injustice ensues and continues to the level of utter undisclosed misery, experienced by those unaware of what the truth really isn't, we have what we have now! 

Impending doom, waiting on the next tragically horrific Event.

Whether it is the President covering-up another questionable act, or even the media going on-and-on about it, to no avail; or the U. S. Senator from Louisiana, who bears the name of the assassinated president, who's blindness is evident, echoing the other day the sentiments of newly minted 'republican talking points' as the CBC Chairman retorted; "words have consequences", as stated by the Congressman from New Orleans U. S. House Rep. Cedric Richmond referencing recent events on a baseball practice field in the Nation's Capitol  in the defense of deafening attacks against the poor, the least powerful, the powerless and the marginalized: we all know, the end is near.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR, the Soviets, the Russians have been strategically invited into the AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC by a capitalist.

The thing I learned the most about the 'soviet' communist is that, they fat themselves at the expense of their subjects. I read it for myself, no man taught me.  Leninism, Marxism and Communism control of all property in its government's hands is always led by one supreme authority.  Whoever does not fall in line is eliminated.

The current United States Attorney General is in line to be Eliminated. 

The congress has bowed. The Supreme Court is preparing to bow.

The objective is to distract the masses so long as to completely seize control.  So the narrative to distract has turned its attention on New Orleans, of which a 'republican bone' is to be picked in light of the impoverishes plight evidenced during Katrina.  The bottom line evolves from the inability to obtain equal justice. 

When people are denied justice, and equity of the law they begin to take matters, first into their own hands. As, the government and/or its representatives, devolve into patterns of corruptness, the people lose all hope.

So, the old and weak, the infirm and sick won't have hospitalization and patients will be turned out of nursing homes; because Medicaid will be discontinued.  The rich in turn will become richer! 

On the backs, hopes and dreams of the lest fortunate, the Capitalist will make their profit. And so, in New Orleans, it must be made the example of what's wrong in "murderous America"!! 

Yet, in the recesses of a black congressman from New Orleans brain; "the drums of 'Congo Square' drum loud and clear."