Sunday, February 10, 2019

Educable Education in dire Need

In the first place a student in Jonesville, Louisiana in Catahoula Parish. 
 Where a student Shir'cold Bowman considers her education, not sufficient enough to enter higher education. In the first place the demoralization of a person's mentality, is secondary to enslavement.
Then this other process in another of Louisiana's far northeast parish of Morehouse in Bastrop, Louisiana a not so dissimilar systemic process is in play against the minds of  pre-elementary and other similar elementary students.    Some are calling it an absolute shame yet it is much more than that.  It is criminal.
It is criminal when a School Board's policies allow's such deprivation of students' rights to an education.  In the Morehouse Magnet School incident, a student brought a pistol to school, other students saw it, as the white-male student, had already threatened to use the weapon. In a prior, unrelated incident two days earlier at Morehouse Magnet a black female student, was picked up by parents after an apparent "attempt" to hang herself, because "she didn't like her life.  In both instances, Parents were not notified.

In the Block High School, of Jonesville ongoing situation, students systemic deprivation has systematically oppressed the very children, their supposed to elevate. Is it a violation of the elected duty to provide honest services.
The Superintendent of the Catahoula School System is resigned effective February 15, 2019.

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