Friday, December 12, 2014


The Battle in America began in Louisiana. In 1896 a Louisiana case was settled in the United States Supreme Court that instituted the doctrine of "seperate but equal"; the basis of the racism that exists in America today. The case, Plessy v. Ferguson began in New Orleans, Louisiana. All the modern brutality dispensed at the hands of police are rooted in this travesty of justice. What began at the Mouth of the Mississippi, the Commerce Port of America, has enveloped the whole Nation. 

As ships of commerce, steam their way up river, the hatred seated in the nation's racism "legalized" birthplace; has passed its self off to all parts north. And so, St. Louis, Missouri on the River, received its dose and was well ready for it. It was Homer Plessy in New Orleans and Dred Scott in Missouri.

             Ferguson, Missouri a flashpoint & tipping point

The excluding & systemic isolationism in housing & employment

It is a strange thing. The last time, such extreme manifestation of racism; was evidenced, was in the Crescent City in 2005's Katrina.  The neglect of abject poverty and discrimination against the same was evidenced in its desperation. The same desperation exhibited in St. Louis' Ferguson. The death of  Eric Garner and then, Michael Brown sealed the fate of the "uprising" which the Nation is experiencing now.
The exacerbation of the young people's fervor will not desist. And then, Akai Gurley in N.Y., NY.;  in between it all Victor White,III in Louisiana and Vonderit Myers in St. Louis. A seed of subhuman death-kills, kill shots and emptied chambers of death-mongering fear.

     The thought of pervasive demoralization of an entire race
Denise Stewart's -[a New York Woman-affected by NYPD]-lawyer, Amy Rameau, said she was told by a Legal Aid attorney also assigned to the case that the 911 call came from a different apartment on an upper floor — and cops went to Stewart’s door by mistake. The racism that exists now, and its discriminatory practices -causes the maltreatment of blacks by law enforcement. And others, who feel they have the right to execute what is deemed by society as subhuman.
What must happen now is, the society at large, must accept its inadequacies and, move on. It is the same with Ferguson, Staten Island and now Cleveland's 12 year-old Tamir Rice.

      The alliance of death must stop, and stop now; forever

We must provide for all of law enforcement, be psychoanalyzed as to their "slavery-plantation induced fear of the black-male species".

When Senator Mary Landrieu gave her speech upon leaving the Congress, it finalized my thoughts of the impact of Louisiana on the current state of affairs in America. The Republicans dominate, Louisiana and the Congress. Their agenda is "old-south", as is their rhetoric! The basic instinct is the abeyance of the impact of the first American President with an African heritage. The State of Louisiana is now a part of a suit against the Obama Administration. This is the second such suit.

The Country is nearly in a state of anarchist upheaval. International terrorist, are threatening attack. The CIA has been implicated in torture tactics and renditions, amid other scandals; leaves now, only to await the impending attack from "outside forces" on Our Land. I often think of Port Fouchon, and its strategic place, on the map and in the American economy. This Democratic Republic, must "Do The Right Thing".
The Eyes of Disbelief

We Must Get Pass the, prevalent insanity of disbelief fueling the police state environment against Our on laws and citizens. The disbelief of the facts of racism's prolonged existence in the American Democracy has finally come to the realization of the masses. However, it is the thought process, bringing on the treatment of Black-males in particular and Blacks in general as subhuman, that is at the root of present circumstances.

And it is the vestiges of Plessy v. Ferguson that incites the stand-offs in Missouri.

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