Monday, December 30, 2013


The varying degrees of strangeness has taken holt! This "Time Warped" state of american-souther confluity may very well be the undoing of the entire nation. If indeed, there ever was a nation. This flowing together of completely different absolutes, is the type of rhetorical menage which led to the war between the states.  Which in most instances, never ended.

This, that allows absolute fooltrickery of words to make believe that all is well, when it is not is likened to the days of "Jackie Gleason & the Moonlighters"; Gleason's character kept talking about one of these days, he was gonna give in to her right in the kisser.  Never saw him do it, but he kept saying it. 

We have been equating apples & oranges. Both are fruit, but totally different. Both have seeds. But totally different. I must recall 1960's Louisiana.

Wasn't no folk in no cotton fields, full of jocularity and singing along the cotton rows as if all was well. Folk was sick and tired of the status-quo; and protesting,and raising hell, like there was not a tommorrow. And for some there wasn't.  The ruling class however, had such a tight reign on affairs, that folk had sense enough to keep they're mouths shut. Do there business, and arrange clandestine mass meetings.

Those folk, knew who was who, and were prepared to die at a given notice or were ready to "scratch a match" if pushed to far. No such tomfoolery existed.

But for, an individual or a group to state publicly the views that place two completely groups in the same spit tomb is absurd.

But America asked for it. And America, now must live with it and its outcomes.  The slickness of the rhetoric, for which no one can decry without distinquishing between the two, has in effect silenced all detractors.  A majority of the dectractors, have already stated their convictions of equanimity.

The statements were calculated.  It was known, that such could be said without any formal authoritative answer.

However, this american-souther mentality shall arise in 2016 amongst the candidates for office.  We, the people will be duped into believing the lies perpetrated. 


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