Saturday, May 28, 2016

Assuming All Things Were Equal We'd Think & then Act

Are we awake yet? Nothing is Equal About America.


For all  of the hullabaloo about Restrooms, insanity has ensued.  

I just do not recall such discord about lynching, which is still going on today, in America; during the putrid hatred of colored people, negroes and blacks. 

In the forties and fifties, twenties and thirties, sixties and beyond, there was no concerted stand against the evil perpetrated against blacks. But Now in 2016 Republican dixiecrats want to pretend morality. 

Not that I am in favor of a "grown" transexual man being in the restroom with my six year old granddaughter, or my three year old grandson. 

Hell, I don't use the bathroom with my granddaughter in there. 

When the Dixiecrats became Republican Conservatives, in the aftermath of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act; and finally forced desegregation as a rule of law, established in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education; which incidently overturned Plessy v. Ferguson; the Louisiana root of legalized segregation, the America, that never was bloomed. 

Louisiana yet, wants and needs an underclass; as does America. In the constant creation of new laws legislatively, to further criminalize the poor, you further alienate less fortunate citizens.  Furthermore, the equating of the evil, slaves went through and the subsequent civil rights, after many deaths; with current gender trends is stunningly out of sync with reality.

However, this current trend leaves no choices left, to reasonable minds.  I do not believe America will come out of the current morass capable of governing the masses.  The chaos of the current presidential cycle will further devolve in to more uncertainty worldwide. For the Liar, who says, he wants to make america great again. What america, I never knew, is he talking about?  The America, that had sidewalks inscribed in white letters - colored only - That I Walked On.  

The America, that on my way to my after-school job, a little white boy, with his white Moma, said (the little boy) look mommy, a nigger!?

To which, the little white boy's White Moma said to me, I'm sorry and scolded the child; to which I responded; No mam, get on him for what?  Too which she said, Nigger; you better get on 'bout your business? That America?  

Or Maybe He is talking about, the America, where two white men beat the death into two black men, on the corner, up the street, from the house I was raised in, in Louisiana? That America? Great Again?

Or Maybe "He" and "They"; talking about the America, that desegregated Neville High School on Forsythe; whose City System employee's black daughter was already there, when the white kids blocked the door, and she stood looking amazed, and made eye contact with me and my brother-(of which brother who helped integrate Wossman)-and knew peace was gone?

That America? Great Again?

And America. And mostly southern states are suing in Court? About "Outhouse" Crappers? Of which, holes are full of crap, excrement and other non-productive human waste?

Well, that's what you get America: you have been very mean, evil and wickedly mistreated  black slaves and their descendants.  And now, "Outhouse Crappers" are become a public spectacle on your courthouse steps.

Good Night America! You long overdue! The Nightmare is your Reality.  The Suit over Transgender Bathrooms,  

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