Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Revamping the Judicial Process in Louisiana"?-Will your insistance matter?

March 31 2008 begins the Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature: Who will sponsor the bill for a Study Resolution on the Judicial Process!!

Will the people count!!?
What will Governor Jindal's ad campiagn look like, Now?
Contact your Legislator-find them

Now that the two special sessions are over; one on ethics reform, the other on budget concerns, which included school tuition tax breaks. The Regular Session must tackle the bane of a corrupt Judicial process. With Jena, the 19th JDC & its DNA meltdown-inclusive of the 18th JDC & now the 7th JDC's seeming inability to operate its court and the former AG's- so-called voter fraud expense in the 7th JDC-will the new AG & the new head of LSP fix their agencies.

The DNA Lab at LSP can't seem to locate a "manufactured DNA" of Michael Jarvis Cobb. Let alone the appeal of the 19th JDC in the Phelix Parker case has set idle, while Parker waits in the EBR Prison. June08-La.FCCA ruling.

Okay, Let's tackle the really tough issues. Yet, what some legislators want is to shut this "clarion call" up.

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