Sunday, September 23, 2007

True Justice: In the case of Mychal Bell

If all the principal players in the case against Mychal Bell would be honest with themselves, in the interest of good government and Justice, they would step aside, from the hardcore stance & would [for lack of a better phrase]; stand down.

LaSalle Parish is a strong Bush stopping place.

BREAKING: White Supremacist Group posts addresses and numbers of Jena 6!
Just in case you thought we were blowing things out of proportion....again, THIS is why we're mad!


or better yet it was brought to my attention today by one of my hip hop activist colleagues that you can simply google "jena 6 niggers thugs" and see a host of sites and blogs that will make your stomach turn. It should make you MAD!!!!!

By: Kamikaze on Sep 22, 07 | 4:43 pm
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Progress huh? And these are just the ones who are bold enough to state it...This serves as the wake-up call!!!

Posted by: Kamikaze on Sep 22, 07 | 4:53 pm
There must be some legal action the families can take. This is ridiculous.

Posted by: L.W. on Sep 22, 07 | 4:55 pm
Horrible. and actually the bigots could site the Freedom of Information Act to justify their cowardly actions. Its chickens--t! I heard that the Nation of Islam was providing protection for them already BEFORE this hit. A radio talks show host has also offered to move the families at HIS expense. We should find and post THEIR damn addresses. Im sure its some homies in KY and Ill hat would LOVE to know where THEY live.

Posted by: Kamikaze on Sep 22, 07 | 4:59 pm
I don't see how the FOIA could work this time. They are promoting terrorist acts by posting their personal information, and that ought to be a federal offense.

Posted by: L.W. on Sep 22, 07 | 5:18 pm
This reminds me of the the anti-abortion folks posting the names and addresses of doctors who perform abortion and then crossing through their names as they were killed (like Slepian).

Posted by: ladd on Sep 22, 07 | 7:11 pm
I don't see how 'FOIA' applies here either. It's about citizens having access to government records, not about hate groups publishing records of private citizens so as to incite terrorist acts against them.

Posted by: lucdix on Sep 22, 07 | 8:19 pm

Posted by: NewJackson on Sep 22, 07 | 8:37 pm
Well it would be just as easy to publish the name and address of the guy running the website, somebody is paying the bills for that.

Posted by: GLewis on Sep 23, 07 | 12:44 am

You should know that the US Justice Department, the Intelligence Division of the Louisiana State Police & others have been contacted about the recent spike in Klan, Aryan Nation & Nationalist groups. However, this must be understood.

If the boys did in fact, do the crime as described on Crosstar by Justin Barker, himself; then we are in serious trouble in America.

If they did it, then the courts still must deal with the Un-equal Justice.
Above the line are comments from

Justin Barker on Crosstar the White Nationalist website!

The ones who attacked me are getting money for beating me up. People are sending money for their defense, even though their lawyers are doing it for free, so they are getting free money. And, their mothers are now driving Jaguars, Mercedes and Envoys. They spend it as fast as they get it. It makes me upset and it makes me mad. Paying them for being criminals.

People need to realize what is going on, speak up and speak their mind. I've got to work every day, while the attackers sit there on a couch, or sit on some bench, with sleeping-pants on. Something needs to be done. Robert Bailey even posts a page on MySpace stuffing his mouth with hundred dollar bills he's been sent, above a caption that there are no fifties in his stack.

I was suspended from school for a year because I had a gun in my truck. I can't even go to the ball-game. It was a hunting-rifle and was in plain-sight. I had carried it for years. It was no different than so many others do around here. I do not believe that that was right, but I take what comes my way and try to do what's right. I live out in the country from Jena, at Belah, and appreciate the encouragement that everyone has given to me. I hope that I can hear from many more people.
Web Posting on by Prophet

I[Prophet] live in the country, in Louisiana also. They do things their way, here! Poor Mychal is in a triple crosshair! The Judicial System, The Klanish types & the CAPITALIST!

The Capitalist are on both sides of this story! In fact, everyone is trapped, all of America is trapped between the a false judicial system & a monetary feeding frenzy!

Morris Dees & Southern Poverty Law Center have joined with the other 4 to 5 groups to take Theo Shaw & Robert Bailey from their original attorneys! They have instructed their clients to not speak with the media; which leaves Tina Jones - Bryant Purvis' mother, the odd one out! The capitlailst have not been able to infiltrate her mind!

You see, the system wants to lock up 3 boys or 4 at the most! Why? Because the boys had the nerve to actually beat at white guy down at Gotta Go. Plus, the Klan will not allow; Theo Shaw or Robert Bailey, Jr., to live to a ripe old age. These are just the facts! But, if justice is not the same across the table, then I needed to make us aware, that we are not fighting for Mychal by happenstance or just because he's not sqeaky clean. Who is squeaky clean? The system was trying to dump all of this in this kid!

LaSalle Parish has its own dirt to deal with, in light of 50 years of suppression & stateside persecution to repress ALL THE PEOPLE, and to keep everyone confused.

The D.A. does not rejoice at the fact that Mychal Bell has to, have changed; after this ordeal, and has a mind to better equip himself for the time, in the present!

The D.A., the Judge, the Louisiana Legislature & the Congress must CALL for Mychal Bell to be released on grounds of UNEQUAL JUSTICE at once.

3 October 2007 So, Dr. Phil was attempting along with other media-ist to change the subject. Once and for all, let me say; this thing with Mychal Bell and the 6, is about equal justice. WE ALREADY KNOW THERE IS NO EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW: AND what does that say about AMERICA!!

America has let its own ideals down! America has caused many to think indifferent to the country the would love. However Mychal will become a new individual will be in the hands of God. However, this that has occurred is an international incident, and we will be contacting the United Nations, the President & the Secretary of State.

You see, Mychal Bell by the restrictions of Judge J. P. Mauffray has effectively kept Mychal from securing his basic human right to an EDUCATION!!

Only in Louisiana!! Thank you Governor, Mr. Pastorek, AG Foti, Senator Ellington, Representative Chandler & the Louisiana Supreme Court!

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