Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the Final Throes

Bayou Buzz, Sometimes its best to know what you're talking about, really. When a person is selected as perfect prey to systematicly disenfranchise a group of individuals and a "newer generation" says not so, all persons involved should think again.

Now, however; we should admit we are in, what all parties should know by now we are,
In the final throes.

Never again, will a prosecutor; over extend himself by excessively, seeking to sentence individuals to abhorent periods of time behind bars en masse. And, when one puts his foot in the water to defend against a racial taboo, the "fed upness" of the moment, may be considered more closely. Or will it?

The younger generation, at the behest of musicologist of today, have said that this generation, would not put up with what "our" parents put up with. Our parents, endured "Bloody Sunday".

So, what did we expect on that December day in 2006. And how was a sixteen year old to know it would come to this.

Now, the signification is, we're in the final throes. Don't believe it?

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